Release Date16-Aug-2022
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.16.9
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add ability to report an issue from an ArcGIS feature linked to a Maximo location/asset (#1873).
  • Add work orders layer to ArcGIS legend, to allow the visiblity of work order markers to be toggled (#1893).
  • Add ability to detect an ActiveG MapEngine installation and automatically configure ArcGIS in Opqo using the MapEngine configuration (#1894).
  • Add button to re-center the work map on the user's current location (#1899).
  • Add button to re-center the work map on the ArcGIS home location (#1967).


  • When selecting multiple features on an ArcGIS map, the highlighted feature now tracks the feature details being shown in the carousel (#1986).


  • Fix issue where an asset may appear twice in the list of assets from assigned work orders, when reporting an issue (#1714).
  • Fix typo in confirmation dialog when resubmitting a failed transaction (#1907).
  • Fix issue where the work order failure report could not be edited for some work order statuses (#2033).
  • Fix crash when connecting a Koamtac USB scanner on Android 12+ (#2042).