Release Date10-Oct-2022
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.17.3
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add scanning support to location/asset search (#209).
  • Add support for creating and completing standalone inspections, independent of any work order (#1973).
  • Add display of recommended inspection forms when creating an inspection (#2143).
  • Add support for configuring barcode/QR code formats and contents for scanning (#2173).


  • Update PO search to allow searching for purchase orders by PO, item or vendor details (#2097).


  • Fix nullability errors in locally created tasks when adding an inspection via a task (#1601, #2060).
  • Fix incorrect display of last reading for continuous meters after delta reading is recorded offline (#1795).
  • Fix inconsistency in work order detail widget display when a widget has no associated records/data (#1947).
  • Fix issue where assets with no location do not appear in work assets lists when selecting an asset (#2050).
  • Fix inconsistency in circular progress indicator display across the app (#2054).
  • Fix issue preventing release of ArcGIS map resources on logout on iOS (#2055).
  • Automatically open PO when a scan matches exactly one purchase order (#2098).
  • Fix issue with sigoptions not being created for custom script actions (#2171).
  • Fix error from incorrect asset relationship on inspection result, in Maximo IFIX021 and later (#2203)
  • Fix permissions error that may occur recording meter readings, in Maximo and later (#2220).