Release Date05-Dec-2022
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.18.1
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add ability to search for inventory to return by work order and issue to (#1951).
  • Add pull-to-refresh on work order detail screen (#2234).
  • Add support for configuring a custom number field for inventory items to replace itemnum for display, search and scan (#2238).
  • Add initial loading indicator to work list (#2239).
  • Add support for inventory transfer (#2073).
  • Add search to storeroom selection (#2280).
  • Add support for extended bin selection/addition when receiving inventory (#2290).


  • Improve display when a user opens a work order detail with no connectivity and no local copy (#1772).
  • Improve display of current storeroom, to make it clearer where to tap to change it (#1944).
  • Highlight search results already in inventory "shopping bags" for inventory issue, return and transfer (#2295).


  • Fix issue where uninstall may fail due to granted permissions (#1762).
  • Fix issue where PO receive receives to default bin when "No Bin" is selected (#2276).
  • Fix issue where PO receiving could receive to a staging bin (#2278).
  • Clear items added to inventory issue bag if Charge To is changed, to ensure correct qty validation (#2299).
  • Fix issue where PO return could return to a staging bin (#2301).