Release Date30-Jan-2023
Maximo Configuration Changes?Yes - version 1.19.7
Compatible with older versions of Opqo. 


  • Add ability for inventory managers to manage item master images (#1467).
  • Add support for performing inventory counts using count books, supporting both standard and transportation count books (#2145).
  • Add support for customer extension script to STAUTOSCRIPT.STAMCONFIG (#2350).


  • Set consistent Sentry release names/numbers for iOS and Android (#1420).
  • Upgraded application to Flutter 3 (#2047).
  • Upgraded ArcGIS API to 100.15.0 (#2333).


  • Fix issue where inspections could be added to work orders when not allowed by the Maximo system property (#1642).
  • Fix error "BMXAA4187E - The relationship ASSET does not exist for business object INSPECTIONRESULT" when retrieving inspection results in MAS Manage 8.5 (#2380).
  • Fix issue where Opqo fails to get Maximo version when installing into MAS Manage 8.5 (#2384).
  • Fix issue where installation into MAS Manage 8.5.1 fails with error: APP_NOT_FOUND adding OS Option INSPECTOR, READ to STAMTECH (#2386).