Release Date01-May-2023
Maximo Configuration Changes?No


  • Add ability to change the sort direction of the work orders list/grid (#2496).
  • Add ability to search work orders by scanning an barcode/QR code (#2544).


  • Improve error messages when connecting to Maximo encounters SSL certificate issues (#2502).
  • Include Maximo version and Sharptree customer id in Sentry error reports, when available (#2505).
  • Improved performance of local storage repositories (#2526).


  • Fix issues with work order detail pull to refresh on quick reports (#2472).
  • Fix issues with clipping due to wrapping on labor entry tiles (#2495).
  • Fix issues with clipping long asset/location numbers when searching for assets/locations (#2547).
  • Fix inventory issue and transfer to only show items of type ITEM, as other types are not currently supported (#2553).